A Season of Thoughtfulness

The holidays are upon us! To many, this brings images of piles of toys, gadgets, and trinkets. All too many times these are soon forgotten and tossed in the corner of a room or a landfill – replaced by the newest more exciting thing. What if we could change this reality that we have all become just a bit adverse to? What happens when we imagine how to cultivate a spirit of genuine thoughtfulness? When the ever-growing narrative of "YOU NEED THIS" is running rampant, let's take a step back. Take a step back to see the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than just our own holiday experience. And the first step is taking a look at the gifts you give! Are they truly giving to everyone involved in the product?

There is no shortage of gifts that have an incredible ripple effect, giving to many and for the benefit of future generations – gifts that bring hope, peace, joy and love – what Christmas is all about. We know we have your coffee lovers covered with ENP Coffee! Here are a few other gift ideas that will take this Christmas to a whole new level of thoughtfulness.


Jcoco Chocolate Who doesn't want chocolate for Christmas? Every purchase of a Jcoco product provides a serving of food for a person in need. Jcoco partners with local food banks to fulfill their mission of giving back to their community.


Sprout A pencil that grows into a plant – talk about the best stocking stuffer ever! Sprout is dedicated to promoting sustainability education through their products.


Denik People need to write down those New Year Resolutions! Denik journals are hand designed by incredible artists around the world and a portion of each journal goes to building schools worldwide. 


Better World Books An alternative online book store? Yes, it's possible. Better World Books uses its business to fund literacy initiatives around the world. With every book purchased on their site, they donate a book to someone in need. And they are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint through green initiatives.


Prosperity Candle Make Christmas a little bit brighter. The purchase of a prosperity candle helps to provide a living wage for refugees starting a new life in America. What an incredible way to embrace a spirit of giving.


Local Harvest Friends or Family that are avid farmer's market attendees? Give them a gift they'll love and that will give back to their local food system. Local Harvest lists CSA (community supported agriculture) programs that deliver fresh and local fruits and veggies in any area!  


Join us in choosing thoughtfulness this season!