Behind the Blends - BaanMai

In the previous post, we gave you the inside scoop on our Karuna blend. Now we’re excited to tell you more about ENP Coffee’s home roast, the BaanMai blend.

The blend name is a combination of the Thai word Baan, meaning home, and the original stomping grounds for the elephants of Elephant Nature Park – the Chiang Mai province.


Source: Google Maps

This blend represents the mission of ENP: to provide “forever homes” for elephants that have been taken away from everything that was their home. Most elephants living at ENP were separated from their mothers at a young age, physically abused, and used for the entertainment of tourists. The elephants that Lek Chailert and her team rescue are restored to a new home – one that is safe, overflowing with love and full of care.



“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” Mother Teresa 

Source: Good Reads

For us humans, we all have a picture of our perfect house: a log cabin with a crackling fire, a 15th floor loft with a city view, a suburban ranch for kids to play outside. These are great, but we all know that what makes a home is something entirely different. What makes a home are the people we bring into the house, the memories we create, the relationships that are built, and the love we show. This is something that can be built wherever the house may be located.


The BaanMai dark roast highlights the deep and velvety sweetness of our Thai coffee beans. We hope the BaanMai blend can be used to show friends and family love in homes across the country – it definitely is for the elephants at ENP!