The Cure for the Burden of Caring is...

It’s no secret that many of us feel the pressure to be the greatest human being alive. With our compassion for others and natural philanthropic urges, it can be overwhelming to know where to start; especially on a global level.

Elephant Nature Park, in Thailand, is working daily to provide countless, impactful opportunities to people from all over the globe. Hundreds of volunteers are able to engage in heartwarming experiences together. Whether it’s a single day visit feeding beautiful Elephants or a week long visit immersed in the mission of ENP, the sanctuary is committed to providing eye-opening experiences.


ENP Founder, Lek Chailert, educating local hill tribe residents on coffee growing


Now, a trip to Thailand is easier said than done. However, don’t let this discourage you. Start your shared impact locally! Find places that speak to your passions: animal shelters, food pantries, hospitals, etc. It’s easier to get the ball rolling when there is a love behind your service. I can vouch for this, as I’ve had an amazing, shared, and impactful experience myself.

Soil covered our arms and knees. It was a cold and rainy April day, but that did not stop my best friend, sister, and I from planting tiny seeds for what seemed like miles. It was Earth Day and the three of us had been up and at ‘em since the wee hours of the morning. Digging our thumbs into the ground, placing seeds in the holes, and covering them up just to move one foot over to do it all again. Little did I know that planting these seedlings would be so impactful. It was such a life changing experience to know that I was helping the environment and able to share with my favorite people.

In fact, grab yourself a bag of ENP coffee, invite your friends over, and brew up some good coffee. Share some ideas about the needs in your community and how you guys can help fit those needs!

Volunteers helping at ENP’s dog shelter

Hey! There’s a global impact right there. Did you know that ENP Coffee Co. is an initiative of Elephant Nature Park by sending 100% of our profits to the sanctuary to rehabilitate abused Asian Elephants? You can join us in this shared experience without even leaving your city, much less your neighborhood. As the saying goes… “the cure for the burden of caring is doing.”

So, get out there and do it; start your coffee round table today! Share pictures on Instagram and Facebook and tag us so we can see your lovely contributions to changing the world


Yoga group from Austin, TX celebrating a day of service