Greetings!!! And welcome to the inaugural blog of Elephant Nature Park Coffee Company!!

My name is Bert von Roemer, and I'm the President of The Serengeti Foundation.  If the
name rings a bell, perhaps it's because 13 years ago, I met Lek for the first time.  We
met when Lek's fledgling Elephant Sanctuary was two miles straight up from the riverbank into
 the hills, on government leased land. At that moment, I felt what you all have felt since.... that this person was someone truly special. Someone where we all needed to get involved and help her in her mission, no matter what. So, in 2003, with profits from our very young coffee importing company, we funded the purchase of the magical, spiritual land upon which ENP now sits. With this support in place, we've all been in awe watching Lek and ENP soar ever since!!

Bert with Jokia during his first trip to ENP in 2003

Over the years, so many of you have emailed me about donating funds for Lek, and have asked,"what ELSE can I do from here?? I really want to make a difference for ENP!"  Well, now is your  opportunity!!  It was coffee that funded the land on which ENP is located, and it can be coffee that supports ENP into the future!! As such: We are proud to introduce ENP Coffee Company!! ENP Coffee Company is now offering direct to you, small batch, hand roasted Thai blended coffee!!  And 100% of the profits of this company go directly to support Elephant Nature Park!

Besides supporting ENP, there is A LOT to feel good about here!! The coffee is sourced in the hills
 above ENP, sustainably grown, harvested and prepared for export by Lek's own Karan Hill tribe.  The farmers are paid above Fair Trade prices for their beans, reducing their dependency on farming mono culture crops.  Further, the coffee is shade grown to boot!!  The flavor will impress as well: it's full bodied, rich and smooth, with light spicy notes, just like you would expect from a Thailand High Grown Arabica Coffee.

Bert and Pom, Lek's right hand woman

ELEVATE YOUR IMPACT!! It's YOUR TIME to make a difference at ENP!!  You have wanted to help....and now with every sip of your morning coffee, YOU can support ENP's mission!! You can help ENP feed the herd.  You can help them rescue elephants in need, buy medicine and medical equipment, source new land and implement effective local programs!! Your impact will be felt with every single coffee purchase!!!

In the coming weeks and months, we will:
** update the blog with news and stories from the park.
** introduce you to the farmers, to educate you on what the life of a coffee farmer is all about.
** have special coffee offerings to ENP Coffee Co customers of unique, one-time promotions.

However, first, today is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to make a difference... It's your moment to support Lek, to feed and nurture the elephants, and to become part of Lek's Global Team!!  I cannot imagine a more effective way to make a difference with your daily choices.

I thank you for your support of both Lek and ENP!!!

Bert von Roemer