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Behind The Blends - Karuna

Get your thinking caps on! It’s time to learn the meaning behind the first of ENP Coffee’s founding blends – Karuna.   The word Karuna is derived from the Sanskrit Hindi language and means an act of compassion. So what is the actual definition of compassion? Let’s take a look!   http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/compassion ENP Coffee Co. is rooted in the truth of this definition – empathy turned to action! We have been made aware of a need and are excited that our delicious coffee can play a part in working towards restoration. Lek Chailert, the founder and fearless leader of Elephant Nature Park, is a prime example of compassion. Lek was profoundly troubled at the distress of the elephants, the Thai...

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Greetings!!! And welcome to the inaugural blog of Elephant Nature Park Coffee Company!! My name is Bert von Roemer, and I'm the President of The Serengeti Foundation.  If thename rings a bell, perhaps it's because 13 years ago, I met Lek for the first time.  Wemet when Lek's fledgling Elephant Sanctuary was two miles straight up from the riverbank into the hills, on government leased land. At that moment, I felt what you all have felt since.... that this person was someone truly special. Someone where we all needed to get involved and help her in her mission, no matter what. So, in 2003, with profits from our very young coffee importing company, we funded the purchase of the magical, spiritual land upon which ENP...

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