Elephant Nature Park

100% of Our Profits Support Elephant Nature Park

In the 1990's, Lek Chailert embarked on a mission to rescue and restore abused Asian Elephants in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand. Driven by compassion, Lek founded Elephant Nature Park (ENP) to create a “forever home” for the elephants to live freely.  The remaining 3,000 Asian elephants in Thailand are often forced into brutal labor or tourism and entertainment industries and are faced with harmful conditions. When the elephants are in captivity they are subject to treatments to break their wild spirit. 100% of the profits of ENP Coffee directly support ENP and their work to provide the resources needed to get them back to a thriving elephant life.

A Model For Positive Change

Lek Chailert was born in 1961 in the small village of Baan Lao, two hours North of Chiang Mai.  Growing up,  she developed a strong love and respect for the animals of her country.  Lek has worked tirelessly to set a new precedent for the treatment of the endangered Asian Elephants. Lek's voice and mission have become world renown. Lek has been honored as one of Time Magazine's Heroes of Asia, Ford Foundation's Hero of the Planet, and recognized by Hilary Clinton as a Hero of Global Conservation.  Her accomplishments have been featured in documentaries produced by National Geographic, BBC, Animal Planet, and Discovery. 


Elephants represent both incredible power and peace. Now it's our turn to follow their example and stand up for restoration and freedom.

What Is The Issue?

There are only an estimated 3,000 Asian elephants left in Thailand - compared to over 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century

Only around 1 in every 36 elephants is still alive today

Around half of the elephants in Thailand are subject to abuse and mistreatment.

The practice of " Phajaan" is a process where baby elephants are separated from their mother and undergo cruel beatings and detainment to break them of their wild spirit. Once they reach this point they are forced to beg for food in the city streets, used in tourist attractions and labor camps. All of these activities are detrimental to the elephants physical and emotional health and have caused them to lose all sense of their wild freedom. 

What Is The Solution? 

We have the power to support organizations that practice the fair treatment of elephants.  Elephant Nature Park is a nationally recognized elephant sanctuary and rescue in the Chiang Mai Province of Thailand. They model what a human's relationship with elephants can look like and are striving to empower and educate others. Now, through our daily morning routine we can make a positive impact on this issue. 

The profits of each bag contribute to