About Us

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The dense Thai forest is on it's way to facing extinction. With increased industrialization and illegal logging being it's fiercest predators. As the forest decreases, it takes with it the natural habitat of many native animals, among them, the Asian Elephant. 

ENP Coffee is grown as a vital partnership  in these reforestation efforts. Through ENP Coffee,  villages are encouraged to switch to more sustainable farming practices that are healthy for both the environment and farmers. 90% of our coffee farms are in heavily covered forests with the other 10% in developing forests. These coffee farms represent the option to work with nature in providing for our communities instead of working against it. 

Community Development

Set high in the hills of northern Thailand are many different hill tribe villages. These villages are the home to the various indigenous people groups of Thailand. These villagers are used to working in harmony with the land. Because of large corporations taking over the agriculture industry, many of these communities have been forced into farming with harmful chemicals to themselves and their native land. Again, due to increased industrialization these communities are struggling economically - especially women in finding work. 

ENP Coffee provides an alternative to these harmful conditions. All of the coffee is successfully grown without the use of unnatural chemicals. It also plays a huge role in the health of a self-sustaining economy while providing empowerment for women to work in their communities. Elephant Nature Park staff also take the time to provide education and the tools needed to create a long term plan for the villages. 

Asian Elephant Rescue & Development

Learn more about how ENP Coffee contributes to the rescue and development of endangered Asian Elephants through Elephant Nature Park HERE.


Our Coffee

Our Thai coffee is all grown at an elevation over 1,000 meters high in the hills of Northern Thailand. Currently our farmers are growing Caturra and Catimor varietals that are water processed and sun dried. The coffee is processed by the Thai villagers and is roasted and distributed in Texas!

Our Farmers

Our coffee supports the Karen Hill Tribe Farmers in Thailand, neighbors of Elephant Nature Park (ENP). Our collaboration provides the Karen people an opportunity to create a livelihood that restores them to their traditional cultural values while working in fair, healthy,and just conditions. We are proud of our partnership with the Karen people to supply their sustainable, high altitude Thai coffee beans. 





Our Partners

The Serengeti Foundation is honoured to be a long time supporter of Elephant Nature Park. From land for the elephants to much needed medical equipment they have been eager to lend a helping hand in any way. When the opportunity came about to sell Thai coffee to support ENP - the excitement was no different. Serengeti Foundation jumped at the chance to provide unparalleled support for the Thai community and Elephant Nature Park. They are overseeing the US operations of ENP Coffee Co. and ensuring that fully 100% of the profits are sent to the Elephant Nature Park.

Katz Coffee in Houston, TX is the roaster for ENP Coffee. With a business model rooted in love for others - we couldn't think of a better fit! Our coffees are brought to their peak of flavour through the love and care Katz pours into each roast.